Lindgren & Smith

Drawing on the walls

A few years ago, two illustrator pals and I formed a collective called Trio Magnus born out of our mutual love of drinking and doodling. Since then, we've had a couple of fun shows and even published a book. The most recent opportunity we've had to show our work happened last week thanks to our friend, publisher and patron, Anne Koyama, who got us in as one of the featured exhibitors at the relaunch of Keep Six Contemporary, a recently renovated gallery here in Toronto which includes a number of smaller studio spaces. We proceeded to take over one of these spaces and cover the walls with not only collaborative pieces we'd done in the past, but also a 6 x 6 foot drawing (Snowman markers on primed canvas) created on the spot as the evening progressed. Does it get any better than drinking beer and drawing on the walls? Absolutely not!

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