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Italian vacation inspired Limoncello:

Italian vacation inspired Limoncello: My girlfriend bought some really nice little bottles and made us some Limoncello, so ofcourse I had to create labels for her! I reconfigured a job I had done previously. Off to Kinko's for the stickers, and we were all set. But because of the curvature of the bottles, they wouldn't go on without wrinkling. So there I sat with the now useless stickers cutting out various shapes for testing. The diamond shape solved the wrinkle problem. And in a case of no experience being wasted, a few months later when a client was having trouble with his label wrinkling, I was able to suggest a different approach to the design.

An interesting note: The Santibanez lemons are a varigated lemon that her father developed. I don't think they taste very different, but they are an interesting design in themselves.

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