Lindgren & Smith


Hi guys,

I don't need work anymore. I struck it rich. Well, first, I was out hunting. Things were rough, and I still needed to eat, so I figured I would try to bring in some meat. And then I came upon this truck that had a satchel of money in it. It also had heroin in the rear bed, but I don't approve of drugs, so I only stole the money. So I am pretty well taken care of financially. Now if I can only keep away from this maniac with a high pressure air hose, I'm set.

So I'm retired, see you....

Robert Rodriguez

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  1. What a coincidence! Same way that Rockwell and a couple other illustrators got to be retired. Enjoy those golden years ahead, free of deadlines and sleepless nights! maybe the guy with the hose has a problem with his airbrush?