Lindgren & Smith

Creepy #3

Imagine: Adolph Hitler escapes justice at the close of WWII by undergoing, gasp, a SEX CHANGE! The story unfolds in Creepy #3, just released from Dark Horse. This was so much (WEIRD) fun for Chuck Pyle to paint. His favorite part? Weaving swastikas into AH's hosiery.


  1. The mind reels at the possibilities of what turns history would've taken from here. Is poor Blondie dead on the floor or just sleeping?

    I want to see a closeup of the swastikas on the stockings, I can't blow it up big enough.

    Besides all that, this is great. I have a huge book of Men's pulp magazine covers. You could stick this inside in the Nazi section (Yes there is a Nazi section) and it would fool everybody. Really nice work Chuck.

  2. we're going to rework the blog so we can post larger images.. soon.

  3. This is just wrong. In the best way.

  4. and you thought that "The Boys From Brazil" was scary,THIS is truly freaky! Imagine the writer's brain! They would be "the Boys From Brassiere"