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Canadian Controversy over Robert Rodriguez art

My art has inspired controversy! Wow.

Retro ad edition, seen on subway in Toronto
Guerrilla adbusting. Couldn't have said it better myself.


Woman in retro-sixties outfit, painted as if by Norman Rockwell, bending over, smiling, wearing very short skirt. Ad says “for legs that beckon”. She’s in front of a bunch of cakes. On her chest and waist someone has stuck a sticker saying Retro sexism. There’s another sticker on her butt. Transcript: “Hey Ladies! Don’t kids yourselves. Your gams are for glaring at – pure decoration. Your legs are NOT for kicking ass, standing tall or marching. Like a slab of meat or a tasty cake treat, you are an object to be consumed and don’t assume otherwise. If you are wise you will do everything you can to look pretty because that’s all that matters.”

Spotted at the St. Andrews subway station in Toronto, August 26, 2010.

I really didn't love this piece, but somehow, it looks better in this little print. A slight bit more contrast than I had made it, and now it really looks 50's. And they flopped it, I wonder why? My art creates a scandal on the Toronto subway system, I am so proud. Kind of like a playboy centerfold's parents must feel about their daughter.

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