Lindgren & Smith

Christiane Beauregard

Inside Counsel or Outside Counsel, Christiane Beauregard gets it right

Jeff Bennett

The article was called "Hate Crimes Against the Disabled"

Chris O'Leary

Walking briskly 3 x a week for 1/2 an hour is almost = to taking an antidepressant med!

That's from this article Chris illustrated about depression.

Miles Hyman

I love seeing these ads in so many magazines lately!
And when I 'm commuting by train the ads are super too!

Chris Lyons

Stanford Business Spring 2011

Kellie Strom

Robot Nightingale has been included in the 3x3 2011 Pro Show

Pol Turgeon

I love this illustration that Pol just did about college kids managing double majors!

John Kachik art

Spread in Middlebury College Magazine Spring 2011.... wow

Marcelo Cipis

Lydia Anderson created a terrific headline around Marcelo's art for an article on ADD in Experience Life Mag.