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David Pintor on his Cover for LEER Magazine

 "Few orders have pleased me as much as the magazine LEER
 made me to design the cover of the months of July and August 
2013. It was a special issue on summer reading for which I 
suggested to build on the pleasures of life linked to the pleasure 
of reading. I suggested to the editor of the magazine not only make
an illustration for the cover, but "drawing" the entire cover. 
Make a design exercise that included also the name of the journal, 
headlines and fixed elements such as price, number, etc ...Only the 
barcode would not be manually drawn . It was an old idea (drawing
the entire cover of a magazine), which I was finally going 
to be able to perform.
Illustration by David Pintor

  The result, a cup of coffee, a woman reading Ulysses suggestive 
beside a window through which we see a mediterranean landscape. 
The pleasure of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. 
The pleasure of reading."

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