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The "Enduring Worth of Narrative Art"

The Gossips by Norman Rockwell

Sotheby's has announced it will be auctioning off several works by American illustrator Norman Rockwell including three of his most popular images that appeared as covers for the Saturday Evening Post in the 1940's and 50s'. Putting the works up for auction are the heirs of Kenneth J. Stuart. Kenneth was an art director of the Saturday Evening Post and Rockwell's friend.

The auction will take place on December 4th and art experts believe this could be the big auction of the year possibly breaking the record for a Rockwell sold at auction. The record 15.4 million was set in 2006 for "Breaking Home Ties."

Lindgren & Smith illustrator, Charles Pyle, has long been compared to the great Norman Rockwell and he is often contacted when someone is looking to capture the essence of a Rockwell. Charles has also created covers for the Saturday Evening Post. We've asked him to comment on todays' New York Times story:

"If nothing else, the article proves the enduring worth of narrative art, illustration, that tells the stories embodying the culture within which they were produced. America's Vermeer, or Hals, that is Rockwell. Many of us have followed in his footsteps, as illustrators are the storytellers of our own times, but only a very few have achieved the depth and authenticity both of story and of paint artistry."

After the Prom by Norman Rockwell
Babysitter (Screaming Infant) by Norman Rockwell

Walking to Church by Norman Rockwell

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