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Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek's Cover by Robert Rodriguez' 24/7 Studio

Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek Maya Van Wagenen brings cool to Geek, and what a joy for 24/7 Studio to bring Geek to life with the cover for her book. The cover was just revealed in Parade Magazine, where they wrote "If it sounds like a movie, that because it will be. But right now it's a book about a real life teen who used a 1950's self-help book to navigate her school's social scene.

We are so happy to show it to you here. Makes you want to embrace your inner Geek. Published by Dutton Juvenile

Ok, we'll also slip in an image of the book that Maya used to navigate her way to stardom, Betty Cornell's Glamour Guide for Teens. Sorry, it's out of print!

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