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Illustrated Interview with David Pintor

Born in a windy seaside city in Spain, it didn't take long for David to realize he was meant to have a paintbrush in his hand. Beginning his career as a cartoonist, he worked hard perfecting his craft and developing his own personal style. So engaging is his work that we absolutely get lost pouring over his stunning works of art, and they haven't gone unnoticed by those handing out the awards either. Of particular note is the fact that he was selected to exhibit at the Bologna book fair in 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2013, the most prestigious children's book fair in the world.
Check out a unique and fun interview with David below, then take a look at more of his work here.

illustration showing start of David Pintor's day
Illustration showing David Pintor's Typical Day
Illustration showing where David gets his inspiration
Illustration showing David Pintor's style of work
Illustration showing what David Pintor would do with an entire free day.

Illustration showing what David Pintor would do in a parallel universe.

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