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In Honor of Memorial Day, May 26th

Mark’s Special Mission in Arlington National Cemetery, a book written by Gregory Paul Keeney and illustrated by Robert Gantt Steele, is a notable tribute to our military families and our service members who served a cause bigger than them, and whose extraordinary sacrifice we honor in Arlington National Cemetery. This story is told through the perspective of an older veteran whose dear friend is interned at Arlington National Cemetery.
Illustration by Robert Crawford
Illustration by Robert Crawford. Soldier blowing a bugle at Arlington National Cemetery
Illustration by Robert Crawford showing horse stable of U.S. Army Old Guard's Caisson Platoon
Illustration by Robert Crawford showing solder taking care of horse.
Throughout the story, the reader gains a remarkable perspective of the U.S. Army Old Guard's Caisson Platoon, and the mission of the Soldiers and horses in Arlington National Cemetery. The Soldiers and horses epitomize the character and compassion of the U.S. in its commitment to honor the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who have given the final full measure in service to our nation. Robert Gantt Steele’s engaging illustrations bring the story of Mark's Special Mission in Arlington National Cemetery to life with warmth and compassion.
Greg and Robert spent time together last June developing the story's narrative and illustrations during their visit to Old Guard's stables. Greg introduced Robert to the Soldiers and incredible horses that work at the stables as they observed the Soldiers prepare the horses and caisson, and then depart on their mission. A truly inspiring experience shared by both Greg and Robert!
People's hearts heal through a variety of means. Being around the horses and engaging with them provides a special healing power given their incredible beauty, power and playfulness. Greg and Robert hope the story will inspire people to visit the stables, meet the remarkable Soldiers and incredible horses, and learn about what they do to honor our fallen. The Old Guard's stables at Fort Myer, Virginia are open to the public Tuesday-Sunday. Mark’s Special Mission in Arlington National Cemetery will be published by Mascot Books and is available for sale in early July.

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