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Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its Way!

Easter is this Sunday, April 20th, so get ready for lots of surprises. Christiane Beauregard illustrated this personality plus chicken with a decorative egg!

Easter Buddies

Adorable, right? Robert Wagt created this colorful and whimsical illustration just to remind us that Easter is this Sunday, April 20th! Looks like the Easter Bunny has found a true friend in this oversized, decorated egg. That's devotion! Check out more of Robert's wonderful work.

Easter illustration of Easter bunny and decorated egg

Chuck Pyle's NHL Memorabilia

We thought it only fitting, with Stanley Cup Playoffs beginning on Wednesday, April 16, to show a commission completed by Chuck Pyle.

A San Diego based memorabilia company asked Chuck, along with a small group of other illustrators, to create original paintings of NHL hockey greats for player card sets. Each of the paintings were created at size and selected boxes had an original painting at random included, making a one of a kind collector's item! We would love to get our hands on one of those sets, especially this one with hockey great, Joe Thornton from the San Jose Sharks! 

Joe Thornton, hockey player

Jon C. Lund for the NHL

With hockey season playoffs right around the corner, we thought it the perfect time to show off one of Jon's recent assignments.

Bill Frederick & Tom Froberg of Fanbrandz reached out to Jon to create player art for the NHL Heritage Classic which occurred on March 2nd, one of the most highly visible sporting events in the country. Awesome job as always!

See more of Jon's work here.

NHL Player illustrations for Heritage Classic
NHL Player illustrations for Heritage Classic

Time to Hit the Links!

Today is Golf Day and the first day of the PGA Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia! Check out Robert Crawford's images and hit the course to play a round of golf yourself. The book covers were created for author Troon McAllister, published by Doubleday. See more of Robert Crawford's work.

David Pintor's Award Winning Images

David Pintor's images keep getting selected as winning images for prestigious publications! The 2 images below of Jean-Paul Sartre and Charles Darwin were selected for 3x3 Magazine, Communication Arts, and just recently, American Illustration. No wonder, right? He's quite the talent!

See more of David's award winning work.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Charles Darwin

Interview with Coco Masuda

What's not to love about Coco Masuda? Originally from Tokyo, Coco moved to New York and blazed a trail as a successful graphic designer and illustrator. Over the course of her varied career, her technique and style changed and evolved into the highly graphic style seen today. She has created many memorable images for international businesses, publications and organizations such as United Nations, Estée Lauder, Starbucks, United Airline and The New York Times. In 2009, she launched her career in fine art with a solo show in Tokyo, “Very Personal New York”, specializing in portraits and New York cityscapes. Read on for a little more insight into Coco Masuda's world and view more of her work here.

Coco's workspace - one kid friendly so she can spend time with her daughter, and the other for painting.
Let’s begin with the really important stuff. How do you start your day? A jolt of coffee? A soothing cup of tea? Or a mad dash to that can of soda?
A glass of water, then a strong cup of coffee.

Speaking of starting your day, describe what your typical day looks like?
Splitting my time between New York and Tokyo, a typical day includes a 6:30am wake up call. I prepare breakfast for my daughter, feed my dog, send my daughter out to school, then check emails, and work with my company (I have a totally different second career) or my clients in Japan for few hours. I take my dog out for walk around 11:30am, come back and eat lunch, then paint or illustrate until dinner time. I have dinner with my daughter, perhaps watch a half an hour of TV with her, then back to work until midnight, if I am lucky, or later if I’m on deadline. I go to karate practice twice a week, work out at the gym in my building twice a week either during lunch time or before the dinner. I squeeze in house chores, too. I always read for a while in bed before I sleep. I totally look forward to Sunday when I can sleep late and try to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Can you describe for our readers where you get your creative inspiration?
Being with my teenage daughter, looking out the window (we have a fabulous view), reading the New York Times, going to museums, and surfing the net.

Do you have a favorite project and why?
My favorite project was a series of in-store signage I did for Dayton Hudson in the year 2000. I was trying to depart from using airbrush at the time, and the art director, Justine Tacker, who has amazing taste, gave me total freedom to experiment. Most of the images from this campaign ended up getting into The Society of Illustrators show, which I had hard time getting into until then. On top of it, it was a well paid job, so it was indeed a dream job!
What’s your preference? Traditional media or digital?
My illustrations are all digital now, but I paint portrait with acrylic on panels. They are completely different in styles.

If you have an entire day of free time, what would we catch you doing?
I would go to karate, then museums, and have lunch or dinner with friends.

Book or nook?
Definitely book.

Rock or Opera?

Okay, so neither rock or opera? What makes you get up and dance?
I actually like Hiphop and dance music, and some J-Rock. The music preference of my generation mostly stopped when they are young, but mine keeps changing. I am currently listening to Pitbull, Pharrell Williams, Eminem and the like, with easy listening Michael Bublé, Colbie Caillat, etc. mixed in. I do like some rock and opera, too, but I couldn't say I like either as a category. As versatile as my style of art is, my taste in music has a wide range as well.

In a parallel universe, what would you be doing instead of illustrating?
Definitely a business person. I already am. I am the president of a shipping and remittance company in Tokyo. I wear business suits and high-heels when I am there.

Proudest moment?
Getting the Kyokushin Karate black belt at the age 54.

Anyone you would like to give a shout out to who has had an impact on where you are either personally or professionally?
David Curry, a graphic designer, and Hashi, a photographer, who taught me so much.

And lastly, what is the one single best piece of advice you can give for an up and coming illustrator or designer?
Make sure to get a teaching job as soon as you can. I didn't.

Regan Dunnick's "Frank and Tank" Book Illustrations

Regan Dunnick illustrated a playful and whimsical cast of characters for children's book author, Sharon Phillips Denslow. Her book, Frank and Tank: The Big Storm, published by HarperCollins, is just one in the "I Can Read!" series by Sharon and illustrated by Regan.
See more of Regan's work, along with several of his book illustrations below.

I Can Read! Level 1 - Frank and Tank: the Big Storm

I Can Read! Level 1 - Frank and Tank: Stowaway

I Can Read! Level 1 - Frank and Tank: Lost at Sea

International Children's Book Day

Originating in 1967, April 2nd is the day we celebrate International Children's Book Day - a day meant to inspire a love of reading and celebrate children's books all over the world. We can think of no better way to join in the celebration than to show one of Stefano Vitale's illustrations. He brings to life an author's words with his beautiful, vivid imagery. Says the publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt of Stefano Vitale's work, "The stunning art evokes the visual traditions of the tales’ varied countries of origin..."

Stefano Vitale created this image for the beloved story "Rumpelstiltskin" as retold by author Judy Sierra in her book Can You Guess My Name? Traditional Tales Around the World

Rumpelstiltskin illustration by Stefano Vitale

Learning Magazine's 2014 Teachers' Choice Award

Learning magazine announced its 2014 Teachers' Choice Award product winners for exceptional quality and outstanding performance in an educational setting. They used real life feedback to help determine the winners, and one Capstone title featuring Jamey Christoph's work was chosen for the Children's Book Program category. His cover and interior illustrations were created for the Origami Science Adventures book series by authors Thomas Kingsley Troupe and Eric Braun. They're fun, whimsical, and educational! See several of the cover and interior illustrations below.

Teachers' Choice Award logo 
Book covers for Origami Science Adventures Book Series

Interior illustration for Wild Weather: Science Adventures with Sonny the Origami Bird